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Insight of Chaijing: investigating fog and haze at her exspe


      Chaijing have done the depth research at her owm cost,and filmed the documentary "Under the dome".


People's Daily reporter:where have you gone in this year?

Chaijing:I have visited several academic institutions that research the atmospheric pollution and I went to some seriously polluted sites to do some investigation.I learned the difficaulties behind the survey.I also got some experiences and lessons by contacting with the State council development research center ,the national development and reform commission,ministry industry by the energy department ,environment protection and other functions.Besides,I went to some seriously polluted places such as Lodon and Los Angeles.

People's Daily reporter:what did you find out?

Chaijing:I'd like to answer 3 questions.What is the fog?Where did it come from?What should we do ? Tiny as PM2.5,the human eyes can not see it.This is a war with an invisible enermy. So this time I carried some instruments to have a test of health under the influence of the fog and haze.I paricipated in the body experiment as a volunteer,analyzed the ingredients of my bresth,shot the consequences when the sediment of carbon in the deep of lungs .I did aii of that only want to give an explain to everyone about what is the haze,what is it's property, harm, composition?

Through the analytical results showed by the scientist.I can answer the question that where it come from.More than 60% air pollution in China comes from the buring of coal and oil.So the fog in some terms to be energy problem.The consumption of coal has surpass the total amount around the world.The growth of cars is also rare.As the fast-growing developing county,China has to face the challenge of the quantity and quality .Through the investigation and research I found that the problems in the coal and coil is probably "consumption""relative inferiority""the fore-end lack cleaning ""the end lack of control".I also try to bring out the big problem behind of the administration and law enforcement.

There is a way to the problem what we will do.We can learn from the experiences of England and Aerican that the pollution in London where had a "big smoke"had fallen by 80% in the first 20 years .In Los Angeles where had a "photochemical smog",the emission had fallen by 75%,though the vehicles had raised 3 times.

Such as director Xie said,human's lessons and experiences proved that the pollution can be solved,and there is no need to be so long.China has pledged that the carbon emission will reach the peak in 2030.The carbon emmision and fog are homologous,the have synergy effect to reduce emissions.The reserved transmission peak means that it can only in the direction of green ,low carbon and circular economy not the GDP road only.The change of the country's governance system ,energy strategy and industry structure will have a great impact on people's lives.The creator of the future is who to seize the initiative.

People's Daily reporter:you have done some report about pollution before,and you were named "the person of the year in green China"by the ministry.What's the difference between now and before?

Chaijing:the report I have done over the years are to relate the facts and for certain pollution enterprises and local government in supervision and GDP on impulse.For yself,I stay in thinking way that "want development or environment protection".This time I open the time and space ,visit the issue of the past again and think the status quo of the polluting enterprises.I see the effect to Chinese economy and feel that there is no conflict between environment protection and economic development.Air pollution is not brought by the reform and opening up ,on the need to more fully market-oriented reform to solve this problem.Environmental protection is ot a burden ,but the source of innovation.It can promote competition ,create jobs and boost the economy.The international experience of pollution is also proves this point.First,the government will reduce the unneccessary administrative intervention,and let the market become the main force of resource allocation.Second,the government must ensure the fair of the competition in the market by formulating policies and strict law enforcement.Both are in the same direction with the current reform.

People's Daily reporter:what do you think people should do?

Chaijing:I don't want to put calls on what others have to do,what to do,because it has a kind of compulsive .Once ,when I was a child,I poured soap water on the roots of a tree,my grandmother said nothing then and the only thing she did was to shovel the soap water by a small shovel--what will a people do because the bottome of him with love.I was insensible with the fog before,and now I have my love in the air.So I got to find a suitable way for myself.Such as try not to drive ,participate in seminars for public participaion in legislative work,negotiate with the building work site ,call the environent report 12369,require the restaurants installate the equipmet,demand the  gas station maintenance the recovery unit.I put this appear only a small part I can do.I believe that if there is love in one's heart he would find a way suitable him.

People's Daily report:what makes you think there's a hope in atmospheric pollution controling?

Chaijing:This year,I had visited others,including founctional departments. No one refuse to be asked a question,there answers were no reservations and face the problem.I think they all hope to be able to openly discuss the problem.Because the problem is the hope of solving.And the depth of the uderstanding decide the speed of solving.I set up dozens of Wechat group with experts internal and external in a year.In such a long time,they provide support without reward.The director of the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau of motor vehicles Li Kunsheng impressed me deeeply.I had said to a friend said that he made me ashamed,sometimes I think I'm not to go and feel it's impossible.But he continous,and constantly move forward.Sometimes I will received 2 or 3 articles from him at late night. The heart of leager of love and the public to me is an infection .Even though people he criticized also respect him very much,because he is very sincere.When I visited the experts of the petrolchemical industry ,I said to him that if you feel the problems are sharp ,please don't mind.He said it doesn't matter.The questions you ask are cocerned with the edia and public.It should be open to everbody.Every country needs to find the optical balance between the environmental protection and economy.It's the premise to be discuss openly.I deeply feel that this time.There are a lot of people in China hope to improve and also make effort in this thing.In simple terms,everyone hope the air is fresh.What's the social consensus?There is no greater consensus than this .This is my confidence.

People's Daily reporter:what did you do in addition to this speech?

Chaijing:now the "law on the prevention and control of atmospheric"is revised.I had send the interview material and articles to the National Peoples Congress.I hope they can bring a little reference after reading literally.I also send the manuscript to the group which is formulating the national reform of oil and gas.And I'm surprised to the feedback.The only opinion they put froward is that we would talk more if there's no limit of length.I think the attitude of the lawmakers and policy makers is because that the reform comes at a time when is it's time in China.It need to make more people to participate in discuss often and come to consensus.The public is one of the core strength og air pollution management.No one knows better than ordinary people themselves around pollution sources .And no one love our homes more than ourselves.

People's Daily reporter:use the identity of a mother I feel very kind but do you have a concern?

Chaijing:I have a big concern that's to say I have no power to take about her?Because it's her life.I have to consider that what will she suffer in the future after I said that.This is the biggest pressure.My husband said you'd better to say that because I deeply feel you had a different attitude on this matter after you have a child ,especially when she was ill.He said this is a basic motive that you can't avoid.And he said if you avoid her ill there will a problem in the attitude.that's as if to say it's not good to be sick or shame.Don't too worry and tension ,believe the basic goodness of the social.His words is persuasive for me.

People's Daily reporter:I'm not only to understand but also can feel with strong emotion.

Chaijing:before a woman become a mother,this world only have a decades of relationship with you.So far,I only be responsible to myself.But when you become a mother you have associated with the future world,then you have the responsibility.If there is no such an emotion to drive,it's really hard for me to finish the work with such a long time.