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How serious are the firecrackers pollute?


Qilu network--on February 18,now the cracking of the firecrackers has sounded outside.There is a big controvercial about the environment pollution caused by firecrackers between the citizens and the distributors.So is the pollution caused by the firecrackers really big ? Let we have a look of the experiments done by experts.

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Experiment:How serious of the pollution caused by the firecrackers.

With the buying firecrackers,the reporters found the professor Si comes from Nova Fitness Co., Ltd.He cut one hundred from a hang of firecrackers and get ready to set off outside to see the changes of PM2.5.Before setting off,the value of PM2.5 around is 90μg/m3.

The PM2.5 monitor displays that in the process of setting off the PM2.5 rise rapidly and up to 874μg/m3.According to the pollution index,it's seriously polluted if the value of PM2.5 over 250μg/m3.Then,professor Si came to a cleaning with a ring of 96 disc fireceackers .Before setting off ,the value of PM2.5 was less than 70μg/m3.In the process of setting of the value of PM2.5 had raised to 900μg/m3 unprecedently.

Professor Si said,PM2.5 will be stable in the air for a long time ,not easy to sendimentation and float in the air.

Both experiments showed off the impacts firecrackers firewokes on the surrounding.So how many PM2.5 does a firecrackers produce?Professor Si said that this also can be deduced through the experient.He picked up a firecracker and put it in a closed space about 50 cubic meters.Before setting off,the value of PM2.5 is around 136μg/m3.

After the firecrackers setting off,the value of PM2.5 rise rapidly to nearly 300μg/m3.According to the volume of house ,the value of PM2.5 before and after setting off the firecrackers,professor Si do a calculation.

A firecrackers will produce PM2.5 7500μg/m3,what's the concept of this values?Profesoor Si do it again.If a man will setting off 1000 firecrackers ,estimating according to the population it will produce PM2.5 about 42 tons.If distribute the PM2.5 into 535 square kilometers in Jinan in the 150 kilometers of space.So the PM2.5 will increase by 532μg/m3,make the environment of Jinan badly.Because according to population index,if the value of PM2.5 is over 250μg/m3,it is seriously polluted.

It's visible that it's wrong to say setting off firecrackers is environment protection.So,whether the actual situation will support the data of experiment?We came to Jinan environmental monitoring center,to have a look at the actual situation of the New Year's eve.

Initiative:reduce the amount of firecrackers and have a green Spring Festival.

The engineer name Lv Chen comes from Jinan evironent monitoring center analyzed the trand of PM2.5 index throughout the New Year's eve.He said to the reporter it has promoted more than doubled and began to decline until the morning.It accouts for that smoke has a seriously affect on the quality of the air.

The reporter saw,during the day ,the PM2.5 is stable.From 6 p.m.,PM2.5 began to rise rapidly ,until to 8 o'clock,just 2 hours ,the index quickly rise to twice during the day .From 8 to 0 o'clock,the PM2.5 has incresed,but not too much.At 0 o'clock the PM2.5 reached to it's peak.

Lv Chen said,in 2013,the World Health Organization located the PM2.5 as carcinogen.It will result in cardiovascular disease ,lung cancer and other diseases if  the PM2.5 exceed the bid for a long time .Accompanied by setting off firecrackers ,every New Year's eve,the trend of the PM2.5 has been about the same.Engineer Lv introduced that PM2.5 is the solid fine particles that who's diameter is less than 2.5 μm.In addition to PM2.5,it also can produce CO2,sulfur dioxide ,nitrogen dioxide,carbon monoxide and other harful gas.

It's visible that firewokers not only produce solid particles alos can produce harmful gas.Both of this will cause harm to human body.So Life Help joint Jinan environment department and call for the public:setting off firecrackers lessly,have a green New Years Festival.

Lv Chen appealed represent Jinan environment monitoring departments:reduce firecrackers during the Spring Festival.We can have a paceful Festival by catching a freak show and other ways.

Firecrackers seting off is centered.Primary during the Spring Festival, the assumption amount of firecrackers has over half of the aount all year.And most of it is at the Festival eve.So many pollutant produced by the firecrackers will be floating in the air for a long time and don't come to loose.So please put a