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Where did the fog in Jinan comefrom?


In recent years,people are no longer strange to the fog with the fog days more and more frequently.But for sources of the fog's composition experts and scholars of all stripes are debated.Motor vehicle exhaust,dust and coal and dining lampblack has been seen as the primary sources of the fog.Let the public scratching these head. What are the ingredents of the fog? For Jinan,what is the priary source of the fog?On the analytical results briefing yesterday morning ,the reporters has interviewed about this.

Ingredents of fog:sulfate nitrate accounted for more than 30%

For the public,the word "source parse"maybe unfamilar.The reporters understands that the so-called source analysis,generally speaking is to analysis the source of PM2.5.What are the categories ,the contribution rate of every kinds of pollution to the environment .

Engineer YanHuaizhong comes from Jinan environment monitoring center said that as early as the 1980s ,Jinan had started to the analytical work about the source of particular matter conduct.Since 2010,Jinan environment monitoring center joint China central astri and Nankai university and other scientific research units.They combining the scientific research project and daily monitoring work together.And carry out the fine particular matter (PM2.5) source of analytical research. As the outcome of the source analysis ,it has become the firat province to publish the fine particular matter results .

Lvbo comes from the Jinan atmospheric environment monitoring center aotomatically said that sulfate is mainly the associated with coal in the air, and the nitrate mainly from fuel combustion,motor vehicle exhaust emission ,etc.

The source of fog:the contribution of the lacal pollution has over more than 60%

Yanhuaizhong said,the source and composition of PM2.5 in Jinan has two prominent feature: one is a large secondary particle effects.The nitrate and amomonium sulfate in PM2.5 mainly generated by the gaseous polletant,accumulative total accounted for 59% of PM2.5.It is the dominant factor of the rising concentration of PM2.5. Second is the main source of PM2.5 contribution are diversified.It's pollution control needs a variety of source together.

Yanhuaizhong said,although each city's energy structure ,the vehicle conditions are different that causing the specific composition of PM2.5 rate some differences.But the type of source of PM2.5 in Beijing ,Jinan ,Shijiazhuang and other cities of north are the same.

Where does the fog in Jinan come from? Ynhuaizhong told the reporters that according to the analutical results.The Jinan air fine particular matter(PM2.5)in the source area transmission contribution accounts for 20-32%.Local pollution contribution accounts for 68-80%.Experts suggests that control the dust and coal. 

According to the result of the PM2.5 source analysis,environmental governance experts has put forward some proposals for Jinan.  

Experts said,according to the results of analysis ,coal,dust and industrial production and motor vehivles are four main aspects of the source of PM2.5 in Jinan.So it must be strictly controlled,especially must strictly control the dust and coal pollution.It also confirms that the current direction of the air pollution controlling is right.Sulfate nitrate and organic materials is the main composition of PM2.5 in the city.It is recommended to contiue to increase the sulfer dioxide and nitrogen oxide emission control at the same time.Considering the regional transmission has contributed as much as 20-32% of the source of PM2.5 in Jinan.So in order to improve the air quality of Jinan it should to strengthen zone from spreading,cutting air pollutant total amount.