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Is there no fog in tall buildings?60 layers also has fog.



The building you live the higher the better,is that true?The fog hits frequently in winter ,can people who live in high escape the craws of fog?Rumours said that layers 9 to 11 is gray,you'd better not to choose.Dose this have scientific basis ? Recently,reporters did an experiment using the portable PM2.5 detector and found that these rumors are not ture.

300 meters high still polluted lightly

What's the air quality of the highest building in Jinan?On december 26,reporters had tested the air quality in the center of Jinan green place using the PM2.5 detector SDL301.

On december 26,at half past 9 in the morning,when the air quality in Jinan was mild pollution ,seems to be away from the fog.The reporter came to the platform on the 49th layer and get the data of PM2.5 was 86.7μg/m3,PM10 was 186.5μg/m3.

The top floor of the Green Space Center is 60.The hight is about 300 meters,if the weather is sunny,we can get springs landscape ,I ever thought I could see them all.But to reach the top and looking down,only see the scenery acne,the east of the Daming Lake already can't see clearly.The blue sky seen on the ground is more transparent now.It is distict with the fog over the city.

How about the air quality about 300 meters high?The detector displays that the concentration of PM2.5 is 80.9μg/m3,the concentration of PM10 is 163.9μg/m3.According to the current national standard ,the average concentration of PM2.5 under 75μg/m3 for fine days. The concentration high than 75μg/m3according to the different data is divided into light pollution and so on different levels.The air quality of the Green Space Center has been very close to the national standards.

Then we come to the downstairs,the PM2.5 downstairs is 100.2μg/m3,the PM10 is 211.7μg/m3,that is to say the concentration of PM2.5 on 30th roof is less than the ground ,droped about 20%.

9 to 11 not gray layer

"9 to 11 is gray layer,PM2.5 are concentrated in this block,don't buy a house in this block".It's not sure when the rumor spreads,but it really scare a lot of people.But is it really ture?

On december 28 10 a.m.,Jinan is sever polluted.We have a test in a house on the 17th layers.

Reporters selected the residential buildings in the odd layer as a example.The results shows that the concentration of PM2.5 on 17th floor is 186.4μg/m3,on the 11th floor is 203μg/m3,on the 9th floor is 199.6μg/m3,on the 3rd floor is 206.4μg/m3,on the 1st floor is 206.1μg/m3.The cocentration of PM10 on the 17th floor is 443.5μg/m3,on the 11th floor is 437μg/m3,on the 9th floor is 435μg/m3,on the 3rd floor is 444.5μg/m3,on the 1st floor is 448.3μg/m3 .

From the point of view,although the senior PM2.5 concentration have droped lower levels,each floor of the pollutant concentration broadly similar.The concentration on 9 to 11 layers did not stand out ,the highest concentration is the lower area.

China academy of meteorological sciences and other units used to study on the vertical distribution of the PM10 and PM2.5.Research shows that the static stability when the weather is foggy the concentration of PM2.5 on 8 meters high is 118μg/m3,about 100 meters is 101.7μg/m3,200 meters is 102.6μg/m3,320 meters is 92.5μg/m3,and presents the trend of gradually decreasing ,but not so much.

However,under the condition of weak cold air,change suddenly accelerated.At this time,the concentration of PM2.5 on 8 meters high is 50.4μg/m3,100 meters is 35.4μg/m3,200 meters is 14μg/m3,320 meters only 3.5μg/m3.

Generally speaking,there are horizontal movement and vertical movement for the air.If these two movements is faster the pollutant in the air will diffusion faster.And fog usually occurs when the weather is stable and these two movements are not significant.

"The inversion layer is one of the conditions of the occurrence of the fog,there is an area in the sky where the temprature rising with the height,it likes a big pot over the city,the pollutant can't go anywhere"said by the experts of the Jinan environmental protection departments.

The height of inversion layer is in commonly 100 to 200 meters,also said the height under the scope of the area are shroulded in the fog.And general highest high-rise buildings usually no more than 100 meters.Such as the experiment of China academy of meteorological sciences,the concentration of PM2.5 in 8 meters and 100 meters at this time is a little difference.So it is impossible to leave your lung free on this height.