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The masks guard against PM2.5,can really prevent from the fo


    The fog is coming,so how to do effective frotection for us ? On october 23.2014,an engineer comes from our company asssisted the reporters comes from Jinan Times did an experiment using the professional testing instrumrnt-laser PM2.5 detector SDL301 to test whether the masks bought from the market randomly can prevent fog.



    The pollutant in the atmosphere is gathered on the conversion of season.With the visit to fog whether,some masks claimed that can prevent fog had become the necessary in "brathing" people rushed to buy.

    Reporters found that,the masks on the market are at the price range from 3 or yuan to 30 or 40 yaun. The material also incledes pure cotton,flax ,activited carbon.How can the masks prevent the fog? What should people pay attention to when choosing and wearing? Our reporter invited the personage inside course of study using professional testing instruments to test the masks bought from the market randomly.

Experiment material

    The first mask costing 5 yuan was bought from the night market.The second one costing 11 yuan was anti-virus sliver nanoparticles mask bought from the pharmacy. The third one was N95 for online brand costing 28 yaun.The fourth one was dust against mask bought fro the cargo collect costing 15 yaun.The fifth bought from the pharmacy costing 32 yuan.The sixth one was for medical costing 1 yuan.The rest 

of the material were a mannequin head, 1 packet of cigarette and a lighter ,1 roll of tape and a tube .

Experiment instruents

Laser PM2.5 monitor in brand of Nova Fitness

Experiment method

    In an airtight laboratory for about 30 square meters.The experimenters lit two cigarettes to simulate the condition of high concentration of PM2.5 and insert the plastic tube from the bottom of the head and stretched out from the nasal.The other end of the tube connect the valve at the top of the detector.Put the six masks on the model's head in turn, and detect and record the value of PM2.5 in real-time.In order to ensure the tightness ,the experimenters seal glue on the model's head especially ,so that it can glue the mask firmly.

Experiment steps 

1.The measured value of PM2.5 indoors was 60 μg/m3.(note:the secondary standard limit of the concentration of PM2.5 is calling for 75μg/m3,the air quality is good).Lit two cigarettes ,after 15 minutes,the 

value of PM2.5 indoor had rosen to 218.6μg/m3.

2.Put the six masks on the model's head in turn and observe the cahnges before and after putting on the mask.


    For the 1st mask,before wearing ,the concentration of PM2.5 indoor is 200.8μg/m3.After 2 minutes,the concentration of PM2.5 is 155.1μg/m3.For the 2nd,before wearig ,the concentration of PM2.5 is 201.0μg/m3,after 2 minutes the concentration of PM2.5 is 95.7μg/m3.For the 3rd mask,before wearing,the concentration of PM2.5 is 207.1μg/m3, after 2 minutes ,the concentration of PM2.5 is 145.7μg/m3.

For the 4th mask,before wearing ,the cocentration of PM2.5 is 212.7μg/m3,after 2 minutes,the concentration of PM2.5 is 184.0μg/m3.For the 5th mask,before wearing,the concentration of PM2.5 is 214.0μg/m3, after 2 minutes the concentration of PM2.5 is 110μg/m3.For the 6th mask,before wearing ,the concentration of PM2.5 is 218.1μg/m3,after 2 minutes,the concentration of PM2.5 is 152.4μg/m3.

    Although the masks above can prevent PM2.5,but the shut rate is generally not high(note:the technology staff of Nova Fitness Co., Ltd explained that).The joint degree of the model's head and the mask is not enough,the tightness is not good and consistent when the air valve on the inhale air,and it may lead to a high data in the experiment.


There is no domestic standards and the bad is mixed in the good in the market.

    Recently,the reporters visited the west market,the oldest east gate and the small commodity market to find that the masks claimed to prevent the PM2.5 can be seen everywhere.But there's big difference about the principle of protection,and the price is range from a few yuan to dozens of yuan.The packaging of the masks all printed "prevent fog" on a prominent place.But many of them haven't printed manufacturers date and the material.

Reporters found in some famous shopping sites,a lot of masks claimed that they can prevent PM2.5.A few businessmen in describing the mask product,declared that the mask filtering effect reached to 99%.

    Not only can prevent PM2.5 also can prevent second-hand smoke,formaldehyde,automobile exhaust,etc.Some masks while there is no marked PM2.5,but when the seller recommended that mostly claimed that the masks can prevent PM2.5 because it is thicken.Could the mask prevent PM2.5 as the merchants propaganda. To this,the deputy director of Shandong University Hospital Shaoming said to the reporters the particles in the air such as PM2.5 can be directly drawn into the human body.If the quantity of this type of pollutant in the lungs reach to a certain degree,it is likely to directly influenct the health of human lung.

    According to the current domestic relevant standards issued by the relevant institutions,it can test the mask effect of anti bacteria,but also failed to detect wether it can prevent PM2.5.How is the filtering effect of the masks which can prevent PM2.5? It remains to be tested by the domestic qualified inspection institutions .

    It is understood that there is no relavent product standards about the preventing PM2.5 masks at present.However, reporters learned from China's industrial association,at present,the institution has completed the first draft of civil masks standards proposal,and it will be reported to the national standard committee.The standards are expected to improve after the fog mask and evil people mixed up arket situation.

Teach you a recruit

How to choose masks for yourself?

    In principle,the masks should choosing according to the concentration of PM2.5 and the toxicity.In daily life,because the activity is not big,we can buy some formal enterprises in the production of filtering effect of higher civil nasal mask,through the nose protection protect the argans sucks the air.

Masks need good ventilation effect ,otherwise it will lead to respiratory and breath.It is understand that the masks on the market usually used for industrial,and have a large breathing resistance.

    In addition,Shaomingju reminded specially,wearing a mask for a long time is easy to cause the resistance droping of human,and then droping the adapt ability.Patients with cardiovascular and respiratory system disease should try not to wear N95 masks.Because this kind of mask texture is more thick,and easy to cause respiratory congestion.